100 Ways To Add More Joy Into Your Life

If we’re not intentional with the joy that is in our lives, we can go days without realizing that we haven’t incorporated this pure state of being. Joy to me is getting to the true nature of who you are. It’s about aligning your thoughts and your actions at your truest state.

Sometimes it’s hard to find the time and the space for that pure state of letting go and just being. Maybe you don’t know what that looks like for you. I’ve come up with a list of 100 ways you could incorporate more joy into your life. I hope you enjoy this and let me know which ones help you!

Be in the now.

Often times I feel we can be stuck in the “When I…” thoughts. When I lose weight, When I make more money, etc – this always has us striving for a constant state of feeling unfulfilled because we aren’t there yet. But if we focus on the now we realize we have all we need in this very moment!

Gratitude journal. 

We can forget what we have if we don’t remind ourselves of it daily. Much like being in the now, if we’re constantly looking at what we don’t have yet, this doesn’t let us focus on what is in our lives. If you’re unfamiliar with how to gratitude journal, I wrote a whole blog post on it!

Create a DIMPLE list

List out all the things/activities that make you happy! Keep it in a easy to access place so if you need it, you can easily refer back to it.

Give to others.

One of the purest ways to gain perspective and to get back to our roots as loving people (who I believe we all fundamentally are), is to give to others who need our support. Generosity of energy and resources is the most undervalued trait we all possess. I have a blog post on some of the non profit organizations that have truly touched me if you are looking for ways to give back.

See others without expectation. 

When we have expectations on ourselves and on others, we more often than not, are let down. This is one I struggle with but I know that when I release expectations on others, I can appreciate the words and actions they express for what they are, not for what I think they should be.

Let go of what no longer works for you.

This can be a relationship, the clutter in your home, the clothes you don’t wear. Release what does not serve you joy.

Play like a child.

Children are joyful because they play, they don’t care about judgement from others, they say what’s on their mind, they let go. Dance silly in the park, run around without a care, look at children and see how they incorporate joy and see how you can do the same in your day.

Get out in nature.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in such a mood but then doing something as little as walking outside, getting out of the house, breathing in fresh air, has helped me reconnect with a bit more joy.

Spend time with your animals.

Getting Tiger Lily (my rescue pup) was one of the best decisions of my life. It’s an added responsibility, sure, but the amount of pure joy I get from just carrying her or having a hiking companion is indescribable!

Start reading.

I’ve recently had so many conversations with people who have said they stopped reading books. They’ve been consuming their minds with podcasts, blogs, or articles online. But I have to say there is something so wonderful about losing yourself in a good book that is interesting to you. I’m going to be writing a blog post soon about all the books I love!

11. Dance!

12. Sing karaoke in your car/shower.

13. Pay a compliment to a stranger. Watch the joy on this person’s face!

14. Create a playlist of songs that make you feel good!

15. Let the people you love in your lives, know that you appreciate them.

16. Move your body. (This might be a hard one if you are not into fitness, but if you can get yourself to unblock that mental barrier, it will make you feel amazing. Here’s a blog post on how to get started with a fitness journey)

17. Turn your errands or the mundane in your life into an adventure or a challenge. (See if you can complete it in 1 hour, add a little dance move as you go down the grocery store aisles, etc)

18. Take a nap.

19. Discover a new product. Do you like shopping or a smell? Go explore/browse (you don’t necessarily have to buy!) and find a new scent you love, a new bag from a designer you like, etc)

20. With your favorite beverage of choice, watch a sunset or sunrise.

21. Create art in whatever form speaks to you.

22. Bake or cook a new recipe.

23. Take a bath, light some candles, set a vibe for yourself.

24. Enjoy silence and being still. If it’s uncomfortable, it means you might need it most 😉

25. Take a road trip.

26. Learn to deal with your problems. Instead of sweeping them under the wrong, deal with them head on. Once you work through a solution, you’ll be able to let go of it and there is joy in that!

27. Get organized. The more organized you are, the less stress you will have.

28. Watch your favorite movie.

29. Turn to your faith.

30. Create joyful memories/reminders in all areas of your home. Perhaps it’s a color, a piece of art, a post it with a quote you love – whatever it is, leave it by your bed, in the kitchen, in the bathroom (where ever you spend time) and it can serve as a wonderful reminder to you to bring more joy into your thoughts.

31. Phone a friend.

32. Disconnect from technology.

33. Actively remind yourself you need more joy in your day. And you will seek it more.

34. Add more self-care into your life.

35. Appreciate the “small things” – the flowers blooming, getting your taxes done lol, a new restaurant opening in your neighborhood, etc.

36. Surround yourself with joyful people.

37. Laugh more. It’s ok to laugh.

38. Love more.

39. Plan your joy. Book upcoming trips, a meeting time with a friend, a concert for your favorite music artist.

40. Travel.

41. Play with kids.

42. Meal prep. This can reduce stress throughout your week! See some simple tips on how to meal prep for a beginner.

43. Pick up a new hobby you’ve always wanted to.

44. Create a financial plan to think about your future.

45. Forgive yourself. Forgive others.

46. Make yourself a priority.

47. Remove busyness in your life.

48. Memorize what joy feels like in your body to go back to these memories when you need them.

49. Add spontaneity into your life. I went on a trip to Chicago very last minute and have the best memories from that trip!

50. Appreciate yourself for all that you are.

51. Explore what you love to do and incorporate more of it into your life, by way of profession or consistent hobby.

52. Be flexible with your thoughts; your time.

53. Practice moderation. Overindulgence of all things can lead to stress and anxiety.

54. Spark meaningful (or silly!) conversation.

55. Add more of the arts into your life.

56. Smile, just because!

57. Have goals, not a to-do list.

58. Play a board game.

59. Take a mini break in the middle of the day, just for yourself.

60. Watch a comedy show.

61. Get fresh linen.

62. Wear an outfit that makes you feel amazing!

63. Look through old photos of happy memories.

64. Treat your skin nicely with a facial, mask, and a 500 step skincare regimen because you’re worth it!

65. Get fresh flowers in your home.

66. Try something new! Expand your limits.

67. Take your lunch break outside of the office.

68. Play the cloud game (look up at the clouds and look for different images)

69. Plan a picnic in the park.

70. Make plans for a fun weekend ahead.

71. Be kind to others.

72. Go to a farmer’s market.

73. Take photos of what you love and create a photo album on your phone.

74. Make someone else laugh.

75. Create a compliment list when someone pays you a compliment or does something nice for you.

76. Hug someone.

77. Use your strengths to teach others.

78. Don’t be a perfectionist or maximizer. If you tried, that’s good enough.

79. Give yourself grace and room to breathe.

80. Realize it’s never the right time and just DO.

81. Lessen gossip and negative talk in your conversations.

82. Be early to appointments.

83. Do more as a “we” not a “me” – experiences become rich with a different type of joy when experienced with someone.

84. Get plants.

85. Add uplifting essential oils into your environment.

86. Eat chocolate.

87. Make more friends to get fresh perspectives and add more paths to joy.

88. Do something totally different as your career! You can always go back to your previous career but if you’re feeling bored, maybe consider switching things up 🙂

89. Show your personality through your home/attire.

90. Make your bedroom a luxury retreat with all the things that make you relax.

91. Crying to release difficult emotions and make space for more lightness.

92. Fluffy pillows.

93. A massage.

94. Stretch.

95. A warm blanket to cuddle up in.

96. Planting seeds/starting a garden.

97. Earthing. Walking barefoot to connect with nature – sand on the beach, ocean water, grass.

98. Scheduling a date with yourself.

99. Smell of freshly baked dessert you love.

100. Pay it forward with a kind gesture.

100 Easy Ways to Add More Joy to your Life | It’s so easy to get lost in the daily grind and forget to find joy in the journey. So in this post, I’m sharing easy ways of finding joy each day so that you can make every day more positive, happier and fulfilling. | The Dimple Life #thedimplelife #joy #positivemindset #selfdevelopment

100 Easy Ways to Add More Joy to your Life | It’s so easy to get lost in the daily grind and forget to find joy in the journey. So in this post, I’m sharing easy ways of finding joy each day so that you can make every day more positive, happier and fulfilling. | The Dimple Life #thedimplelife #joy #positivemindset #selfdevelopment

100 Easy Ways to Add More Joy to your Life | It’s so easy to get lost in the daily grind and forget to find joy in the journey. So in this post, I’m sharing easy ways of finding joy each day so that you can make every day more positive, happier and fulfilling. | The Dimple Life #thedimplelife #joy #positivemindset #selfdevelopment

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  • Tiger came into my life one month before I was diagnosed with cancer. I had to rest so much in the early days when I had her. I would get tired and have to sleep or lay down for most of the day leading up to my surgery.

On surgery day, I was terrified. I thought I wouldn’t wake up. So on the surgery room table, before I could feel the anesthesia, I told the surgery team my “final” words, ‘Tell my mom and Tiger Lily I love them’. She was always my priority. Always my family.

When I eventually woke up the first thing I asked my mom is ‘Where is Tiger Lily? How is she?’ I was even trying to get my mom to sneak her into my hospital room but security stopped her. I couldn’t wait to have her in my lap.

I eventually got discharged from the hospital and I had to spend weeks on the sofa downstairs because I couldn’t make it to the bed on the second floor. So on a narrow sofa, Tiger and I slept together, all day. I felt so bad for her since she seemed so bored and she was only sleeping next to me because her mama was recovering.

I made little promises to her though, I would make it to the patio and sit down there for a few minutes so I could throw her toy with her (she would only play fetch with me). Then eventually I was able to take slow walks with her and sit down on a park bench while she played.

She helped me focus my energy on getting better for her. No one else could take care of her, like I could. I got stronger for her. Tiger Lily gave me purpose each day. Baby Tiger helped me heal.

Maybe this is part of why the pain is unbearable. We’ve been through so much, even in our short time together. The pain today feels just as excruciating and suffocating like it did a week ago. Praying tomorrow will be better. 💔
  • The story of how my baby Tiger Lily came into my life

March 2018 my family and I lost our family Pomchi, Puffy. She had been with us for 13 years. She was my parents baby and I was the fun sister that got to come hang with her.

When we lost her I felt an emptiness and wanted some doggy energy around. I thought fostering seemed interesting. It’s temporary. I’ll foster a dog for a couple days and then that’s it.

One day I scrolled and found Dogs Without Borders. I came across a little Tiger Lily. What a funny name, I thought. There was something about her that I was drawn to. I think it was the ears.

I was still nervous about it and didn’t know if I could handle it but one day I went out to dinner with friends and we were talking about it. There just happened to be Tiger hot sauce on the table and it said TRY ME. We laughed, I had never seen that type of sauce before! It was definitely a sign.

So I fostered her and I remember I kept her blocked off in an area of my house. There’s no way I was just letting her run free where ever she wanted to go.

Then I started seeing how scared she was. She would regularly shake; so confused as to where she was. ‘I’m a good girl why is my life like this’ she probably thought.  So I became more lenient so she could feel more at ease. I guess fine she could be on the sofa once in a while when I was around but only on her pillow. I guess fine she could be on my bed but only if she stayed on her side. Boundaries only really lasted a couple days. I’m weak.

Then after just less than a week, her former foster family wanted to adopt her. I had been thinking of adopting her but then thought it was better for her to go with them. They were a couple with other animals in the house so it felt like a fun, full home for Tiger to be in.

After just two days, the couple told me they changed their mind. If I didn’t want her then they’d end up returning her back to DWB. I was livid. Once you commit to adopting a baby, there is a no refund policy. Baby adoptions are not merchandise to exchange for another fit. I missed her and didn’t want Tiger to go through another transfer so I decided to adopt her myself. (contd in comments)
  • Rest in peace my love. My little baby Tiger Lily. I don’t know what happened. It was so sudden. You were fine on Friday! Maybe a little stomach upset on Saturday and then Sunday you could barely wag your tail when you saw me. I wish I noticed more signs so I could know how sick you were. Were you telling me something sooner and I didn’t know? You left me and my heart is not broken in half. My heart is completely shattered. I am so sorry for letting you down. I was trying to save you like you saved me. I tried to be the very best mama to you. I barely left you alone. I never wanted you to feel abandoned and lonely because that’s what you grew up knowing. (Don’t worry I won’t tell anyone I would sneak you into places you weren’t supposed to be in.) I always played with you (Stay. Stay. Find it!) I always bought you the best food - nothing but organic, all natural, and premium quality for my baby! I remember I would be so tired sometimes but I’d go out to Whole Foods to buy you steak just as a treat for being you. I wanted you to know how loved and OBSESSED I was all the time. I know you were obsessed with me too. Your grandparents would always call you “piece of gum on mom’s shoe” because you were just stuck to me like glue! You always had to be touching me, no matter what. If you didn’t see me in eyesight you would panic!

When I first got you I wasn’t sure what to expect. Would you like me? Would you be a lot of work? I could not have asked for a more perfect baby. You always listened to your mama, except for when it was bed time and you insisted on taking my side of the bed. I always pretended to be annoyed but what did I tell you every night? I said ‘Little baby Tiger Lily I love you, you’re the very best girl. I’m going to see you tomorrow and I hope you dream about all the yummy treats we’re going to eat’. Sweet baby, you were so strong. You struggled all day yesterday and when the doctor said there’s not much hope I took you home so you could be comfortable. You were so brave to be strong enough to be in the car in my arms and to make it all the way home. I didn’t let you go and you took your last breath in my arms. Snuggled with all your blankies. (contd)
  • 💔EMERGENCY: Is anyone a vet or a homeopathic animal doctor? Tigers condition has worsened over night. Doctors don’t know what the cause is, they’ve thrown out words like sepsis, hemorrhagic gastroenteritis, anaphylaxis, they just don’t know.

Facts: Swollen gallbladder, low body temp, stomach is fluid filled, slight water in lungs, now in an oxygen cage... - doctor says her stomach and gastrointestinal system is not working. I don’t know what to do. Maybe another opinion or doctor would know. I have a copy of blood results to help.

Please forward to anyone who might have another opinion. My heart hurts I can’t breathe and I need to save her like she saved me. 💔🙏
  • Currently at the emergency animal hospital where I had to admit Tiger Lily for overnight observation and testing. She had been feeling ill since yesterday. Little stomach upsets usually go away quickly but today she started also having slow reactions, not blinking and experiencing heavy breathing. The vet said she is “pretty sick” with low blood pressure. She may have pancreatitis or some type of gastric complication.

Pancreatitis is what my 13 year old family dog, Puffy, passed away from back in 2018. So to hear that Tiger Lily may have this... 💔 Pray for Tiger please. Anyone that knows me even a little knows exactly how much she means to me and I just can’t have her be sick because I need her. ❤️
  • With all the supplements out there sometimes it can be hard to know what actually works. I have been taking probiotics for years and I like to switch them up every once in a while. #Ad I just started @seed’s Daily Synbiotic which I’ve found isn’t just any probiotic. What I appreciate about @seed is that they’re pioneering a “next-generation” probiotic, based on science.

@Seed combines human clinical research, technology, and innovations in biofermentation, formulation, and testing to develop a new standard for bacteria.

Their strains have been clinically studied to support gastrointestinal health, cardiovascular health, and dermatological health. These studies have been published in respected medical journals.

That sounds like a lot of information but the main takeaway is that this is a new line of probiotics that doesn’t just target gut health but overall health. 🙌 Use code DIMPLE15 for 15% off the first month of your Daily Synbiotic subscription at seed.com
  • What is your approach to food? I try to eat mostly plant-based but I allow myself the freedom to eat what my body craves that day. All foods fit over here!

Today on the blog I’m breaking down an easy approach to changing mindset around food choices. 🥑 #intuitiveeating #eatingwell #allfoodsfit #healthyliving
  • There is chaos everywhere. The turmoil can be easy to ignore sometimes because it feels so far away and quite honestly, we all just have our own individual lives to live and most of us feel like we are not directly affected by it. But we are.

This isn’t the typical content I generally write about but I think it’s important to make a difference in some way. As much of a health advocate as I am, I’m really an advocate for change; change for the better. We are all capable of so much and collectively the possibilities for positive change in our communities are limitless. But change comes when there is action behind it.

I’ve been politically active for years. I’ve traveled, canvassed, phone banked, fundraised for the candidates/issues I support. It’s tough, invigorating, gratifying, and eye-opening all in one.

Rather than speak about partisan politics (there’s enough of that out there) – I wanted to give a PSA to remember to register to vote! Your voice can make a difference when you show up for yourself and for others. I listed a state by state breakdown with voter registration deadlines up on the blog today. I encourage you to check it out. ❤️#bethechange #advocacy #registertovote #positiveimpact
  • In my reader feedback form (that’s still up in my profile!) the majority of people said they’re interested in skincare and beauty. So I listened and did a round up of my favorite nontoxic, natural cleansers up on the blog. ☺️Do you have any favorites? Some brands listed are @indie_lee @biossance @100percentpure @oseamalibu @cocokind // #naturalskincare #cleanskincare #cleanbeauty #holisticwellness
  • I’m really excited to make this my healthiest year yet! Will you join me?

We all have dreams and goals we want to achieve but it’s just going to be that much more difficult to reach them if you don’t have your health! 🙏 I wrote a blog post on how often you should be seeing your doctor as a general guideline to help you. Remember to feel empowered to ask questions, listen to your intuition and get a second opinion if you need it!

Set aside half an hour today to track down phone numbers, check your calendar, and schedule those appointments.

This year, I want us all to not just survive but to THRIVE. 💕🙌
#selfcare #newyearbetteryou #healthfirst #wellnessjourney
  • I hope everyone had the best January 1! Tradition in my family is to make homemade Korean potstickers/dumplings and put them in a rice cake soup, so I spent all afternoon making these with my mom ☺️ Do you have any traditions? #떡국 #떡만두국 #familytradition #happynewyear
  • 2019 - You’ve come with a lot of deep emotions. I found myself struggling with my mental health more than ever before. I was more anxious, more triggered, more depressed. Things felt really messy and broken for a lot of the year.

But like with most things - I found a path toward healing and growth once I allowed myself space for reflection and exploration.

More 2019 reflections and a final giveaway for you, on the blog. ❤️
Thank you to everyone for the continued support throughout the year! Sending you all health, love, and growth as we approach a new year and new chapter! 🥳 #happynewyear #2019reflections

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