5 Keys on How to Stay Positive

Keep your thoughts positive because your thoughts become your words. Keep your words positive because your words become your behavior. Keep your behavior positive because your behavior becomes your habits. Keep your habits positive because your habits become your values. Keep your values positive because your values become your destiny. – Mahatma Ghandi

We have all had those days where it seems like everything in our lives are going wrong. It might be that parking ticket, a fight with a loved one, a break-up, work struggles, anything and everything can sometimes get us down in the dumps.

It’s important to let yourself feel down in whatever instance you find yourself in; acknowledge your feelings. Appreciate the dark times for what they are. Without hardship we can’t truly ever appreciate the goodness we have surrounding us. The strength of the human spirit is that we, as strong individuals, can bounce back from anything, given enough time, love, and positivity around us. Sometimes that positivity comes from external sources by leaning on a trusted friend, for example. However, sometimes what’s just as important, if not more so, is the ability for you to be able to find your positivity and get that inner light shining again by having the right tools and being able to pick yourself up again, on your own, by reminding yourself of all the positive moments and experiences in your life.

1. Keep a positivity list close by.

I have a running positivity list going in the notes app of my phone. In a given day there are some really awesome things that either happen directly to me or toward someone else. It’s important to keep these​ in your memory, as it’s often times easier to fixate on the negative moments in life. When I’m feeling blue about a certain situation I open up that app and look through the list. Over time, you will notice that list will get quite long! That time a friend notices you’ve lost weight, jot it down. That time you resisted the urge to order chocolate cake for dessert, yup, that goes on the list too. Or did you call your parents just to say hi and you normally don’t do that? Keeping those important relationships going is definitely a positive.

The notes app works fine for me but you can definitely download awesome apps like Evernote to snap pictures or create your lists.

2. Get outdoors

​A lot of times when I find myself spiraling into negativity, it’s because I’ve cooped myself up at home where all I’ve got are my thoughts. Change your scenery. Go for a brisk walk outdoors for a few minutes. Get some fresh air and wind in your face to help lighten your spirit. If the area you are in or weather does not permit you from going outdoors, change the scenery in terms of the location in your home. Did you find yourself lounging in front of the TV, mindlessly eating? Try drawing yourself a bath or lighting some candles and going to bed.

3. Practice meditation or yoga

I have not always been a fan of either meditation or yoga. I’ve typically been the high intensity, let’s kick butt type of girl. I never understood the need or even concept of staying connected to your mind and body. However, I have recently taken more of an interest in the practice to calm my mind, help me refocus back on the simplicity of the breath, and it has helped me stay present and grateful for what I have. A few simple poses, whether it is downward facing dog, sun salutations, or even child’s pose, can help center me back to consciously living.

4. Blast your favorite uplifting music

I am a sucker for 90s R&B or teen pop, circa Nsync and Britney’s heyday. There is nothing sweeter than listening to “Crazy” and getting into a dancing mood. It might sound silly but try dancing in your room. You won’t want to but if you do it for a minute, you can’t help but smile, if even for a second.

5. Do good

Sometimes the best medicine to cheer yourself up is to refocus your energy on others. Volunteer for those in need in your area. Help a friend or family member who may also be going through a tough time. All of these acts of kindness will make it nearly impossible for you to remain in your slump.

And this goes without saying but keep up that smile! Smiling, even if you don’t feel like it, is the first step to feeling better about yourself and your circumstance whatever that may be. 🙂

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