How to Cure Those Sunday Night Blues

The Sunday night blues is a real thing. Why does it seem like the weekend is always so short? After a Sunday brunch with friends, doing some grocery shopping and other errands, it seems like it’s already Sunday at around 5pm where you start feeling the dreaded “ugh…work tomorrow??” feeling.  Here are some tips on how to cure those Sunday night blues.

Tip #1: Do the boring stuff on Saturday

I don’t know about you but I typically like to pack in as much fun-filled activity on Saturday. It’s like I am so excited to have waited for this (usually) completely free day all week, to spend time with friends and family, I jam pack in as much as possible.

However, try doing some of the “boring stuff” on Saturday. If you need to go grocery shopping for the week, why not hit up a farmer’s market or grocery store on Saturday instead. If you meal prep, why not do this a day early – there’s no rule you need to do this on #mealprepsunday.  Once you spend a few hours doing this on Saturday it just frees up that much more time for you to relax and unwind on Sunday, to get your mind right for the week.

Tip #2: Plan Ahead

Part of my Sundays is always thinking about the week ahead – what emails need to get replies, what presentations need additional work, etc. Instead of focusing on Sunday to mentally prepare for this, why not do this at the end of your Friday? That way you can start your weekend off with a clear head and know exactly what step by step actions you need to take come Monday morning.

Another note on these tasks – make sure they are specific and attainable! Don’t let vague notes cloud your thoughts on Monday. If you need to finish up a report for work or school, write down you need to “complete slide 3 and need to get two more bullet points relating to statistics on poverty in the U.S.” or whatever your topic is about. I literally just made that up and it has nothing to do with what I actually do for work lol.

Tip #3: Unwind with Calmness

I once binge watched House of Cards on a Sunday night and got so hooked I ended up sleeping at 3 am. That Monday was not a fun one for me.

Rather, being able to end a Sunday night with meditation, a yoga session or any low impact form of body movement will calm and center your mind and spirit before tackling the week ahead of you.

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