Voter Registration Deadlines In Every State

Become an engaged citizen and help bring change into this world. Here are the deadlines you need to know to register to vote for the 2020 election. #TheDimpleLife #Register #VoterRegistration #UnderstandingPolitics
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This 2020 election is really important. I know people always tend to say that in an election year but don’t you think it really feels like it this year? We have chaos everywhere. The turmoil can be easy to ignore sometimes because it feels so far away and quite honestly, we all just have our own individual lives to live and most of us feel like we are not directly affected by it. But we are.

This isn’t the typical content I generally write about but I think it’s important to make a difference in some way. As much of an advocate I am for health and wellness, I consider myself to really be an advocate for change – change for the better. We are all capable of so much and collectively the possibilities for positive change in our communities are limitless. But change comes when there is action behind it.

I’ve been politically active for years. I’ve traveled, canvassed, phone banked, fundraised for the candidates I support. It’s tough, invigorating, gratifying, and eye-opening all in one. Rather than speak about partisan politics (there’s enough of that out there) – I want to share a guide on voter registration deadlines in every state. Whatever party you affiliate yourself with, whoever you support – it all really doesn’t make any difference if you don’t use your voice at the ballot box.

I am no expert but I am an active listener and I empower myself with education on issues and candidates. I encourage you all to do the same!

First off, you may be asking…

Am I registered to vote?

You can find out here.

But wait…it’s not that simple. You need to check if your state is an open primary, semi-open primary, or closed primary. It will be stated once you fill out the information through the above website.

What do the types of primaries mean?

It means that, for example, if your state has a closed primary and you don’t have a party affiliation, you will not be able to vote in the primary.

The states should really make it easier and less confusing but this is the reality, unfortunately. The site listed above can let you know your state’s primary classification.

Voter Registration Deadlines In Every State

State In Person Online By Mail State In Person Online By Mail
AK 3/5 3/5 3/5 MS 2/9 2/9
AL 2/17 2/17 2/17 MT Day of 5/3
AR 2/2 2/2 NC Early* 2/7
AS 2/2 2/2 ND Day of
AZ 2/18 2/18 2/18 NE 4/24 4/17 4/17
CA 2/17 2/17 2/17 NH Day of 1/29
CO Day of 2/24 2/10 NJ 5/12 5/12 5/12
CT 4/27 4/23 4/23 NM 5/5 5/5 5/5
DC Day of 5/12 5/12 NV 2/1 2/3 1/29
DE 4/4 4/4 4/4 NY 4/3 4/3 4/3
FL 2/18 2/18 2/18 OH 2/16 2/16 2/16
GA 2/25 2/25 2/25 OK 2/7 2/7
GU 2/22 2/22 OR 4/28 4/28 4/28
HI 3/5 3/5 3/5 PA 3/29 3/29 3/29
IA Day of 1/24 1/19 PR 2/8 2/8
ID Day of 2/12 2/12 RI 3/29 3/29 3/29
IL Day of 3/1 2/19 SC 1/26 1/26 1/26
IN 4/6 4/6 4/6 SD 5/18 5/18
KS 4/11 4/11 4/11 TN 2/2 2/2 2/2
KY 4/20 4/20 4/20 TX 2/2 2/2
LA 3/5 3/15 3/5 UT Day of 2/25 2/25
MA 2/12 2/12 2/12 VA 2/8 2/8 2/8
MD 4/23 4/7 4/7 VI 5/7 5/7
ME Day of 2/11 VT Day of Day of Day of
MI Day of 2/24 WA Day of 3/2 3/2
MN Day of 2/11 2/11 WI Day of 3/18 3/18
MO 2/12 2/12 2/12 WV 4/21 4/21 4/21
MP 1/14 1/14 WY Day of 3/21

*Voters in NC can register in person during the early voting period.

Become an engaged citizen and help bring change into this world. Here are the deadlines you need to know to register to vote for the 2020 election. #TheDimpleLife #Register #VoterRegistration #UnderstandingPolitics

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