Reasons Why I Love to Spin

I have tried a variety of workout classes on my own and a lot more through ClassPass. I’m mostly a fan of boxing and spinning.

If you follow me on Instagram (@justdimpleit), you’ll see that many of my sweaty selfies are post spin class. I’ve been on this spin trend since before SoulCycle and all we had were the classes at 24 Hour Fitness. So happy that the masses have understood how fun it is! There is something about the sound of the bike and feeling the resistance under my feet that really motivates me – and this is partially why I love to spin.

Mostly, the reason why I love it is that it is one of the few fitness classes where I find that I can push myself past what I thought my limit was. When an instructor is asking me to turn it up a half turn or full turn on that resistance knob, I gotta do it!

The music is also what makes this such a fulfilling experience for me. There’s so much “club” music that’s played you can’t help but be in a good mood and keep riding. EDM and hip hop songs are particularly popular. When I hear the beat drop, ahh it’s something else that I feel in my heart. Uplifting music helps me stay positive.

What really gets me going though is the “emotional ride”, that’s what I call it anyway. Towards the last half of class, instructors will typically play a slower paced song where the resistance on your bike is so heavy you don’t think you can really pedal anymore. Your energy is already so depleted at this point, you want to stop, but you can’t because you have to keep up with the music.

I tend to internally say “no I can’t” or “it’s too hard” in spin class (and in life in general), but during this part of class, I actually tell myself – KEEP GOING. FIGHT THROUGH IT. And I imagine all those negative things in my life, that are weighing on my heart, all falling to the floor in the form of my sweat. I’m not ashamed to admit it but I feel tears well up sometimes during this song or sometimes after class. Not out of even an ounce of sadness but because I am so proud of myself. Proud that I let go of the word “limits” and pushed myself as far as I could go. Proud that I could see past what I thought was possible. And proud that during that ride, I let go of negativity and stress and walked out an emotionally cleansed person.

Spinning might not be for everyone but I guarantee there is one form of activity that will make you feel the way spinning makes me feel. It might be yoga, pilates, running, or so many other possibilities. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking because it’s such an awesome feeling that I hope everyone can experience.

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